Deli Manager

Job description

LONDIS Griffin Retail Group are now recruiting for a Deli Manager. This is an excellent opportunity for career progression. The company has been operating for the past 20 years in the Retail sector.

• The recruitment, training and development of high quality personnel for the delicatessen area
• Maintain training records and ensure refresher training is provided to personnel in the area as appropriate
• Rostering and general management of personnel to ensure adequate cover within budgetary provisions
• Managing the overall performance of the delicatessen area
• Ensure delicatessen team is motivated
• Ensure delicatessen team comply with requirements of the area in terms of hygiene etc.


• Ensure effective & compliant HACCP control systems are in place
• Ensure policies and procedures pertaining to fresh food are implemented and managed
• Ensure area operates within relevant legislation in terms of HACCP
• Ensure you are up to date on all aspects HACCP and food hygiene requirements and communicate same to store management and personnel
• Ensure food safety policy is updated and complied with appropriately
• Ensure employees comply with good food hygiene practices
• Ensure regular cleaning of deli area and equipment
• Ensure relevant protective clothing is provided and worn
• Ensure critical control points are identified and monitored
• Ensure systems in place for temperature checking and food hygiene
• Ensure corrective action put in place for critical control points
• Ensure the appropriate waste management records are maintained
• Ensure appropriate controls are in place for fresh and red meats


• Ensure effective stock control systems are in place ensuring stock is rotated accordingly and out of date stock is discarded appropriately
• Ensure wastages in the delicatessen area are maintained at a minimum level through effect management of the stock
• Ensure effective food management and waste systems are implemented, managed and updated appropriately
• Identify areas of stock leakage and ensure effective systems are in place to minimise stock loss (e.g. through wastage, damages)

• To undertake other additional duties as may be assigned by the store manager


• Managing budgets for the delicatessen area
• Ensure overheads are controlled and minimised where appropriate
• Ensure delicatessen sales are maximised
• Ensure delicatessen margins are managed appropriately and profitability of the area is maximised
• Promote sales within the delicatessen area & achieve sales targets as established by the store manager
• Meet targets as agreed including the achievement of the required profit margin for the area


• Ensure delicatessen runs efficiently and smoothly
• Ensure delicatessen standards are consistently improved in terms of housekeeping, merchandising, presentation and service ensuring no cross contamination of stock
• Plan for market changes and demands as they arise
• Ensure delicatessen promotions are managed appropriately
• Ensure consistent high levels of customer service are provided at all times
• Ensure all customer complaints are dealt with in the appropriate manner
• Take necessary action in deli improvements following customer complaints
• Ensure food preparation meets the required customer and hygiene standards
• Ensure area is presented and merchandised in an effective manner while ensuring compliance with HACCP guidelines
• Ensure overall customer service levels within the area are maintained at the required standard


• Take full care of Health and Safety of personnel in the area and ensure any risks are minimised, or where possible, eliminated
• Ensure area is compliant with consumer pricing regulations

Job requirements

  • A proven leader with three years relevant management experience
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organisational skills
  • In-depth knowledge of the retail environment
  • Ability to meet sales and performance objectives/targets

Benefits for the role include:

  • Competitive Pay Rates